Kyle Thacker

Product Design

Side Projects
& Explorations

n1 Kitchen

The N1 Kitchen System was an exploration in how the qualities of a home's kitchen could be applied to an outdoor kitchen system. The project was focused on creating a semi-portable kitchen that could be transported anywhere in the world and be used to support its users.

The kitchen storage system uses smart glass that changes the opacity to show when food stock is running low.

A stove top free of breakable dials uses pots and pans rotating to adjust the temperature, and a cutting board weighs food portions for efficient food usage.

The entire system folded and fit into a box.

I worked on a version of the kitchen system that would work in small homes or apartments.

b1 Outdoor

The transition between the indoors and the outdoors is interesting to me. We often imagine objects in the outdoors to be rugged, usually plastic or rubberized in some way. I wanted to look at how an object could be designed for both the indoors and the outdoors.

The b1 lighting system is a detachable lighting system that has the aesthetics of an indoor light, with the functionality of an outdoor lamp.

The base can be mounted to the ground to add stability, while folding away neatly for transport or interior use.

While impractical for serious outdoor activities, the light works well in for the backyard, picnics, and even on camping trips.

At home, it blends in with a modern interior and provides safety features in emergencies or black-outs.