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I enjoy the intersection of digital and physical objects, interfaces, and interactions. Some personal/side projects exploring this.

N1 Kitchen System

The N1 Kitchen System was an exploration in how the qualities of a home's kitchen could be applied to an outdoor kitchen system. The project was focused on creating a semi-portable kitchen that could be transported anywhere in the world and be used to support its users.

The kitchen storage system used smart glass that changed the opacity to show when the stock was running low, a stove top free of breakable dials that used pots and pans rotating to adjust the temperature, and a cutting board that weighed food portions for efficient food usage.

The entire system folded and fit into a box.

Simple, Delightful, Trustworthy, Innovative, Genuine, and Smart.
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The project gained some popularity and interest, so I worked on a version that could be brought back into the home. Maintaining the principles of efficient space usage, I created a minimal kitchen that could fit into small homes.

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B1 Lighting System

Something that I deeply enjoy is exploring the transitions between interior and exterior space. I worked on designing a lighting system so that wherever you decided to be, it would work perfectly in your environment.

A steady base allowed it to be placed outside. Removable portable lights allowed it to be used to light up the backyard, or on a camping trip. Lights could be added or removed to suit your needs. The sturdy design worked well in varying outdoor environments while still blending perfectly inside a modern home.

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