Kyle Thacker —

Crafting the Bench brand.

Introduction to Bench

Finance for a small business is often an overwhelming experience for many entrepreneurs. There are rules and regulations to learn, and it requires a lot of time. Time that could be better spent growing a business.

Bench works by pairing a business with a team of bookkeepers to do their books for them. We’ve built software for our bookkeepers to produce accurate financials, and software for our clients to communicate and easily understand their finances.

Simple, Delightful, Trustworthy, Innovative, Genuine, and Smart.
Simple, Delightful, Trustworthy, Innovative, Genuine, and Smart.

Brand Principles

Simple, Delightful, Trustworthy, Innovative, Genuine, and Smart.

We simplify complex ideas to their essential form, and create delightful experiences that turn the mundane into the memorable. We create a genuine connection with our audience, and never compromise the trust we have established. We question why things are done, to drive ideas further and craft innovative solutions. Through smart thinking and design, we help people grow.

The Brand Team came up with these principles as a way of unifing our work across photo, video, content, advertising, illustration, etc. It's been helpful with guiding our overall direction, and being a day to day compass so we're always on brand.

Worked on re-invisioning the Bench brand. We wanted our brand to represent the simplicity and peace of mind that our product and service offers. 'Thoughtful reduction' is what we used to summarize our new direction — reducing, so what remains, is impactful. Bench is heavily a people driven service so we brought attention and personality to our photography by using short looping video clips of our bookkeepers.

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After looking at the success of our existing resources material, we decided to invest in developing a new educational Syllabus that would take boring financial topics and not only present them in a beautiful package, but also write them to be more approachable and empathetic to the everyday entrepreneur.

We crafted an art style that meant to reflect an editorial style, while still remain simple and modern. Illustrations done by James Olstein.

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