Kyle Thacker

Product Design

I’m passionate about exploring digital and physical spaces, and the impact that design can have on people, communities, and businesses.

I’ve worked at Bench for the past three and a half years helping build the future of small business finance. I invested myself in more than producing work, but into helping shape how we think of, and build for, the people behind small businesses.

In that time, I’ve learned an exceptional amount about building products, growing a company, and working with people. A lot of my work highlights my time and experience building products at Bench.

Brief history in time
  • End-to-end product design
  • Cross platform design
  • Various prototyping techniques
  • Creative & Art Direction

Communication Systems

Looked at how people were communicating and produced a system that improved the way clients and bookkeepers talked and worked together.

Financial Data

Worked on taking Bench's transactional data and turning it into visual reports that helped entrepreneurs better understand their business.

Mobile Finances

Bench has a web and a mobile app. I worked on creating systems that supported a consistent, but still uniquely valuable cross platform experience.

Brand Direction

While at Bench I led the brand team and art directed significant changes to both our marketing, and our product.


Side Projects & Explorations

A collection of personal projects, side projects, and explorations.

Culture & People

Observations and lessons I’ve learned managing, and working on culture.